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Respect and be kind to all animals
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This is an information website to help you when you find abandoned, distressed, maltreated or injured domestic animals in Andalusia. Los Animales wants to encourage every pet owner to have their dog and cat neutered to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens becoming abandoned and diseased. Los Animales hopes to change attitudes and improve care towards feral cats, pet dogs and cats as well as hunting dogs, cobbled horses and donkeys, the way we fish and the netting of wild and migrating birds.

What can YOU do?

Donations of money, food, sponsorship, bedding, time and skills are needed urgently. If you can donate any money, help distribute brochures, organise sponsorship or give time to look after an animal in between re-homing
please email

What animals do
for you
Dogs ensure adults get that daily walk and exercise helping to keep them healthy and are true intelligent companions. Cats are constant and full of personality. Pet animals teach children about responsibility, learning to give warmth, food and love to fellow creatures. They learn about the world around them, about life and death and their cats and dogs become their best friends. Elderly people who own pets have improved Wellbeing. This has been scientifically proven. Stroking their coats alleviates stress, caring for an animal reduces depression and loneliness and the long-term effects of which cause ill health. Los Animals advocates neutering, vaccinations and training so that cats and dogs are well behaved assets to our society.
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Can you supply information? If you have knowledge or information that you think would be useful to include in this website please contact us.

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